Spotted: A Radiant Olivier Theyskens Buys Granola At The Corner Deli

As hard-boiled fashion journalists we don't usually get star struck, but when we spied Olivier Theyskens at the corner deli we nearly got whiplash from our double take. Our spirit designer was sporting a gorgeous mane of Salma Hayek hair, radiant non-sweaty skin (despite the humidity and heat), and wearing white denim and a white T-shirt. Want to know what was in his basket? 2 cartons of coconut water, some granola, and a braided money tree. It's always bizarre to think that out-of-this-world designers like Theyskens subsisting on anything but rainbow rays and sparkle dust, but it's true. The dude eats granola. Stars—they're just like us!

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