This New App Is “A Personal Concierge For Your Social Life”

If it feels like new life-curator, Sōsh, is inside your head, it's because, well, it kind of is. The website and phone app, which launches Wednesday after much success in the gadget-savvy city of San Fran, is a brand-new effort in wining, dining, getaway-planning, meal-finding, and drink tasting. The magical app caters to your preferences and user history. But what makes this different than, say, the Groupon sites of yore? Well, the platform is totally free, without any deals or offers to alter the course of your experience — it doesn't even host any advertisements. What it does is specifically pull in the top-ranked spots by trusted publishers — it's not just location specific, it's quality specific. As for planning that second date? Well, now there's no excuse for anything less than stellar.

Photos: Courtesy of Sōsh