So-Cal Bloggers Unite To Form Two Point Oh L.A.

Editor and founder of fashion website Dedicated Followers Of and designer of the Stylesmith accessories line Kelsi Smith has created a new organization for Los Angeles area fashion bloggers, Two Point Oh! LA."Being a blogger is very much like being a one man band, you can literally find yourself as your own writer, designer, photographer, videographer, you name it, you're your own team," Smith said.
Earlier this year, Smith hosted a fashion week party for bloggers with gift bags full of sponsored goodies for them to Tweet about. So many people came out, some had to be turned away. Talk about exclusive! She says fashion week was a good time to unite bloggers since they are often the most isolated, surrounded by magazine editors and their entourages. Given the success of that event, Smith decided to start Two Point Oh! as a way for local bloggers to network and support one another. Membership is $25 annually and will get a profile on the site and invitations to monthly events. A summer picnic is planned to celebrate the site's launch on July 17 and more than 100 attendees are expected.