Pregnant Snooki’s Already Designing A Kid’s Slipper Collection

Is there anything Snooki won't do? Apparently not. Between launching perfumes and giving 11-year-olds makeovers, her mommy-ing skills are kicking in early with her next business venture: designing infant and children's slippers. We have to admit, we kinda saw this coming.
Debuting in spring, these pantoufles will be produced by footwear licensing partner, Happy Feet, and owner Pat Yates is really excited about it. Each (Jersey Shore-approved) pair will initially retail solely online for $15 per pop, as Yates tells WWD that Snooki's "name hasn't [gained] enough traction yet," and that " [stores] don't believe it can appeal to the masses."
We're cringing a bit at the thought of little tots running around in these oversized, ridiculously fluffy, and probably pink slippers (please parents, don't let your kids pull a Snook and wear them outdoors), but you tell us: Would you snag a pair of these babooshes for your little babe? Is preggers Snooki making a wise business move? (Footwear News)

Photo: Via Footwear News