How Fashion Girls Wear Your Dad’s Favorite Family-Vacation Shoe

It's the standard Dad-on-vacation look that pretty much defined everything you didn't want to dress like growing up: stonewashed jeans, a tucked-in T-shirt, a fanny pack, visor or wraparound shades, and a pair of chunky tennis shoes to cap off the look. Even if you've already come around to adopt some of dear old Dad's styling quirks as your own, there's really just one thing you must, have to, gotta get into. It's those shoes.
Puffy running sneaks are a massive trend right now, but if you've ever put them on and suddenly felt like you were leading a walking tour through Notre Dame, you know it's not the easiest style to pull off. Success is in finding balance — certain outfits will make those sneakers look deliberate and fashion-forward, and not like comfort-wear for enforced quality time. Here's how to make sure your outfit falls in the former category.

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