Skinny Stars Spotted Wearing Spanx

Every girl has a hidden secret. No, we're not talking about those scribbled-on Post Secret postcards, but those little tricks we use to look flawless. Why are they secrets, anyway? Is it because we selfishly want to be the fairest of them all? Or because we don't want to openly admit to being imperfect? When it comes to Spanx, those granny-looking body shapers, we keep quiet because, well, they don't exactly scream, "foxy lady." Lately, we've been seeing photos of beautiful celebs like Beyonce and Blake Lively caught with their hot-bod secret for all to see, their Spanx peeking out from under their dresses. While we're sure these stars wanted to keep these flesh-toned undergarments under wraps, it's nice to know beneath all the glitz-n-glam and designer duds we all share the same secret: We all look like alien mannequins wearing nude biker shorts underneath our body-con dresses. (Fashionindie)