Single, Broke, And Fabulous? Meet The Hundredaire Matchmaker

If spending all weekend watching Millionaire Matchmaker—don't look at us—has left you jonesing for a date, but you can't afford the inimitable services of Patti Stanger (or simply have 0 desire to be set up with the dudes she's got in her rolodex), we think we've found an answer. Enter "Hundredaire Matchmaker," a brand new singles event to be held tonight at Union Hall, Brooklyn, "where where you and all your broke-as-f*ck friends can meet, greet, and get set up in a fun and funny environment" (that's their verbiage, not ours). Here's some more ammo to get you off your fanny, thanks to the scribblers at Union Hall:
FELLAS: Finally, your chance to meet a woman who doesn't care about your mind, or your body, or anything other than your three-digit savings account.

LADIES: Where else in New York City are you 100% guaranteed to meet a guy who can almost definitely afford to buy you your first drink, and probably your second as well? Let's be honest; in this sh*tty economic climate, it's time to find your "settling soulmate" before someone else snatches him up.
And, don't worry, even if you can't make it tonight, we think the recession's gonna make this meat market one sure-fire hit. To get a free sample of what's on tap (and, no, we don't mean brewskis), click through our mini gallery of three singles to peep who could potentially be buying you a PBR:
Tonight, January 10, 2011; 8 p.m.; $5, Union Hall; 702 Union Street (at 5th Avenue); 718-638-4400. More details here.

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