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Spend $1,500 On Clothes — Without Feeling Guilty


We can’t help it — there’s just something about the start of fall that
makes us want to shop. One glance at the perfect pair of denim or a
gorgeous leather jacket, and we instantly fall in love. That is, until we
realize that the grand total of everything we want is way out of our
comfort zone. So, we make a few sacrifices (“Fine, I guess I don't need another pair of black booties”), and continue to long after the closet of
our dreams.

But, what if you could score your ideal fall wardrobe, totally
gratis? That’s right — Simon is giving away a shopping spree worth a
whopping $1,500. All you have to do for your chance to win is click
, enter your info, and...that's it. Or, better yet, join us when we
stop by a city near you on our upcoming event tour, The Shopping Block, and
enter IRL. (You'll wanna stay for the party, too: Shopping one-of-a-kind
goods from local designers and boutiques, creating your perfect fall makeup
look at the beauty bar, and getting crafty with runway-inspired DIYs are a
few of the highlights.) Either way, that free spree is waiting. Just think
of all those items you won’t have to kiss goodbye.

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