It’s Exactly As You’d Expect: Sh*t @OscarPRGirl Says

Hello, Oscar? It's us again. And for every single over-the-top, bewigged installment of "Shit X Says" born from the interwebs comes one that truly warms our Tweethearts: "Sh*t @OscarPRGirl Says." Starring Oscar de la Renta's very own Senior Vice President of Communications and internet fixture, Erika Bearman (aka @OscarPRGirl), alongside Lucky Style Editor John Jannuzzi (yes, bewigged), and fashion fameball Andrew Mukamal (not actually bewigged), this one-point-five-minute video follows a day in the life of @OscarPRgirl from dressing ("Oscar loves my hair like this."), to elevator chatter ("Oscar does the best greens."), office politics ("Does anyone have a hair thing?" "The re-tweet isn't working!"), to happy hour Instagram antics ("Valencia, that's my filter."). What a little pre-Fashion Week morsel of viral goodness—tall hair, fur, sick embroidery, and all.
Watch the video for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below — are you totally delighting in this sartorial schadenfreude, or have you had enough of this shit?

Photo and Video Via WWD