Top Down: Your favorite men's shirt has a chic twist of fate

From the streets of Bushwick to Stockholm, we've been spotting some fresh DIY skirts, dresses, and wraps fashioned from oversized menswear button-ups. While it's been a well-established trend to wear a man's oxford as a dress, recent looks have been tied and draped in experimental folds that recall the always cool avant-garde references of Yohji and Rei. A photograph by the Sartorialist, shot of a young lady in Stockholm wearing such a fantastical skirt, has also been cited as a major influence in popularizing the look. If you're anxious for some artful new pieces on the cheap, you may discover your boo's closet holds more than just a comfy sweater to steal for inspiration.
Above, left to right:
The Sartorialist, Stockholm
Face Hunter, Brooklyn

Above, left to right:
Lookbook, Toronto
Style Bubble, London
Lookbook, Stockholm

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