Ends Tonight: Save $100 On Super-Chic Sunnies And Help Someone In Need

On the whole, we like to think of ourselves as responsible consumers. We shop organic when possible, seek out brands that use repurposed materials, and buy from socially conscious retailers. But it’s not every day that someone in need directly benefits from just one purchase…unless you’re talking about Shauns Shades. Dedicated to delivering quality eye care to underdeveloped countries, this sunglass trove donates a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need for every pair of shades they sell. Every. Single. One. And right now, because Shauns Shades is just that rad, they’re offering $65 off your purchase of $130, or an amazing $100 off your purchase of $200 or more — but only until midnight EST tonight. So, what do we suggest you do in the next eight hours? Hop on over to Reserve, score a crazy-chic pair of sunnies, save a wad of cash, and give a pair of glasses to someone who really needs them. Win, win, and win.