Is Shahs Of Sunset Giving Us A New & Improved Snooki?

Move over Snooki, there’s a new (but equally entertaining) reality queen on the screen. Since the Jersey Shore star shifted her focus to family matters, it only makes sense we’d seek a sub for her out-of-this-world antics. Um, we need our fix in some way, shape, or form! That’s where the Shahs of Sunset star, Mercedes “MJ” Javid comes in.
The freshly launched Bravo show documents a Persian-American Beverly Hills-dwelling family around L.A. And sure, it may only be a few episodes deep, but we have a feeling that MJ is rapidly following in her reality predecessor’s (plush-slippered) footsteps, in a major way.
Not only is there a slight Snooki-MJ resemblance, but the party girl-slash-real estate agent (who, as far as we can tell, seems pretty smart — and professional) has some of Snooki’s signature behaviors down pat. Binge drinking, excessive bronzing, vomiting in public, super-short frocks — sounds like MJ is the grown-up reality star sis Snooki never had. We've got that DVR trained and ready to see how this progresses, so we'll keep you posted....
Photo: Via Bravo

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