The Sack Gets Environmentally Friendly With New Book Eco-Sex (Plus Some Green Sex-Toys)

We're always up for doing our part for the planet—planting a tree, buying an organic t-shirt, or conserving water—but to be honest, we've never really linked going green with our carnal practices. That all changed today after we checked out Stefanie Iris Weiss's new book Eco-Sex and got a tour of environmentally friendly sex-toys at upscale erotic SoHo shop Coco De Mer. Though we're still a little (ok, a lot) shell-shocked, we're kinda vibin' with the fact that we can help the earth while we're helping...uh, ourselves. According to Weiss, "even if you recycle and use compact florescent bulbs, your bedroom may still be a toxic waste dump" Some tips she recommends to change that up include vegan condoms, organic aphrodisiacs, and low-impact lingerie. We're not gonna go into detail—believe us—this is something you need to read out of the office. So, whether you have a partner, or you're going solo, there's no reason you can't please yourself and Mother Nature.
To help you get in the mood, we're inviting you to joint the Eco-Sex revolution tonight at the book release after-party at East Village joint Bar 13. Sip "sustainable orgasms" made with organic vodka on their super-happening rooftop. Just pack some advil and flats for the morning after; The party don't stop til 4a.m., and we want your walk o'shame to stay classy.
Bar 13,, East 13th Street (between Broadway and University Place),