The Secret Single-Person Behaviors No One Talks About

In today's modern world, I think we're all a little burned out. Between the ever-increasing demands of the workplace, the incessant digital pings from emails and social media, friends, and family time, getting our QT (quiet time) is more important than ever. That's where SSB (Secret Single Behavior) comes in.
Originally coined in Sex and the City, SSB is an activity that one engages in only when alone (see: Carrie's love for eating stacks of saltine crackers with jelly while reading fashion magazines). To be clear, it's not a solo activity because we're ashamed of what we're doing. It's just that SSB is the golden standard of alone time — it feels better and more restorative when we indulge in it solo. I mean, ordering in Thai food is not that crazy in and of itself, right? But eating Thai in your old sweats while watching six hours of Gilmore Girls reruns? That's just something one's got to do alone. And often.
Because so many people's SSB involves some kind of snack, we asked everyone at R29 to share their me-time routines with us. Ahead, find a few of our favorites. Click through to see if you can relate to any of these, and let us know your SSB in the comments!

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