5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 26 2010

There's a science to attraction after all. Jessica Alba and Kate Moss evidently have the perfect waist to hip ratio to attract men. (Stylelist)
The Gene Autry Museum is opening an exhibit called How The West Was Worn...by Michael Jackson. Random, but amazing. (Flavorpill)
New York has the naked cowboy guitarist, San Francisco has "Streamers Man" who wears streamers attached to earmuffs, and Los Angeles has this guy who dresses up as Jesus and roams the streets in West Hollywood. Well, looks like there's a blog dedicated to him, and according to their research his real name is Shorty. (LAist)
Check out this roundup of store owned by celebrities. Our vote goes to Soleil Moon Frye's adorable The Little Seed. (HuffPo)
Of all the blonde's in history, looks like Marilyn Monroe is still number one. (Bellasugar)

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