Sci-Fi Beauty Treatments We Wish Existed IRL

The beauty world’s experienced incredible scientific innovations in the past few years. Advances like vibrating mascaras and self-twirling curling irons, as well as semi-permanent beauty procedures like lash extensions, keratin treatments, and two-week gel manicures have all graced the market.
But, like true sci-fi nerds, we still yearn for the epic (albeit fictional) cosmetic technology we’ve seen in our favorite books, television shows, and movies. Here, some of our favorite futuristic ways to get gorgeous. We're hoping scientists are already hard at work on making these babies a reality.

The Hunger Games: Bad Hair Day-Banishing Box
In The Hunger Games book, Katniss learns she can do away with her pedestrian hairbrush once she reaches The Capitol. "Instead of struggling with the knots in my wet hair, I merely place my hand on a box that sends a current through my scalp, untangling, parting, and drying my hair almost instantly. It floats down around my shoulders in a glossy curtain," she says. Guess we’ll just continue to go to Drybar until we figure that one out. Panem 1, U.S. 0.


Back To The Future: Rejuvenation Clinics
Along with many other predictions (like a baseball team in Miami), 1989’s Back to the Future II anticipated the plastic surgery explosion. When Doc Brown and Marty McFly land in 2015, Doc removes his aging mask (so Marty would recognize him) and announces, "I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. They took out some wrinkles, did a hair repair, a change of blood." But they don't stop there; there are three other plastic surgery references in BTTFII’s universe of the future: A TV commercial Marty Jr. watches, a sign for a breast implant sale, and a clinic itself.

Blade Runner: Brush-On Smoky Eye
In Blade Runner, Daryl Hannah’s character, Pris Stratton, is a male manipulation maven who used an airbrush applicator to create a Zorro-like black-eye effect with makeup. Keep in mind that Blade Runner is sci-fi flick that graced screens in 1982. A precursor to the Temptu?

The Simpsons: Weapons Of Mass Attraction
Similarly, on The Simpsons, Homer invented a gun to apply makeup in 4/5 of a second, to alleviate every woman’s fear of showing up to that important business meeting without wearing a single cosmetic. He demonstrates on Marge, but to her dismay, he accidentally has it set to “whore.” Here's hoping scientists omit that setting from their version.

Photo: via Allure


The Fifth Element: View-Master Makeup
In The Fifth Element, Leeloo (played by Milla Jovovich) brings a Chanel-branded View-Master box up to her eyes like a camera. Later in the scene, she pulls the object away from her face to reveal that it's actually an instant makeup applicator. Her eyes are made up Pat McGrath-style in a flash. We’ll take a Chanel, NARS, and MAC version, thanks.

Jem: Beauty Baubles
After her father’s death, Jerrica (Jem’s alter-ego) receives a pair of earrings that act as a remote micro-projector for her father’s holographic computer/android, Synergy. The earrings are also hologram projectors that beam hairstyles, makeup looks, and various outfits onto herself and her friends (the Holograms). With her earrings, Jem is excitement, Jem is adventure. Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame. Obviously.

Total Recall: Insta-Polish Pen
In the original Total Recall, a girl changes her nail polish from peacock blue to classic red with an awesome apparatus that she simply taps on each talon to reveal a perfect glossy manicure update in seconds. So, we can expect to see that in a few months then, right nail polish brands?

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