Why We’ll Never Stop Talking About Schoolgirl Uniforms

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Our schoolyard days may be long behind us, but plaid uniforms remain en vogue. Even if you weren't forced into itchy plaid skirts by your school's dress code, you've encountered the concept elsewhere: short pleated skirts (preferably in a dark plaid), Peter Pan collared shirts, and a bow or tie, if your school was fancy. It's been rehashed by every form of media — music, television, and beyond — and has outlived many other trends. Yet, we're still not entirely over it, and probably never will be.
Schoolgirl style presents a very unique challenge: Being constricted by a uniform means you need to get creative in expressing your sartorial prowess. But, fashion historian Rebecca C. Tuite has a different hypothesis about the popularity of the style. "At its most basic level, the simple school skirt is a very versatile garment," she tells the Huffington Post. "[Y]ou can make it mini, knee, or midi length; pleated with buckles, plaid with a belt, plain wool, leather, etc."
With that in mind, it's not surprising that designers are constantly going back to these staple items and prints, elevating them far beyond the confines of the classroom. And, in case you think you were once the most creative junior stylist in homeroom, HuffPo has retraced the complete creative history of the schoolgirl-skirt outfit. From Clueless to The Craft, Gossip Girl to Gilmore Girls, remember all your favorite iterations ahead. (HuffingtonPost Style)

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