Scandinavians And Sex-Toys: Love Contemporary Magazine Launches Tonight


We're determined not to let this snow keep us curled up in our beds, so we're going out tonight to learn a thing or two about winter partying from those who do it best: Scandinavians, obvi! Finns, Swedes, and Danes will be celebrating today's flakes at the the
Love Contemporary Magazine
launch party tonight at the IVANAHelsinki & Love Contemporary pop-up shop in Nolita. The brand celebrates "pure love with a modern edge" and a "sensual Scandinavian vibe," so we're pretty sure that whatever we do, we're gonna score. While you read up on what cover girl Nina Hartley has been up to, peruse IVANAHelsinki's brightly printed clothing (perfect for busting those winter blues) alongside Love's selection of futuristic sex toys. The party kicks off at 7pm, and copious amounts Finnish vodka will be flowing. We have a feeling it's going to be an indoors type of weekend, if you know what we mean.

IVANAHelsinki & Love Contemporary Pop-Up Store, 238 Mulberry Street (between Prince & Spring streets)