Foam's Editor-In-Chief Flaunts Her 4 Go-To Looks!

[UPDATE: This post was originally published on October 1.]
Whenever we hit the event circuit in L.A., there's one glam guest shrouded by people — the lovely, life-of-the-party Sari Tuschman. We literally have to push through her fashionable fans to get a word with the in-demand gal (then, we promptly give her always-amazing outfit a once-over). Serving as editor-in-chief to one of our go-to glossies, Foam, Tuschman epitomizes the girl whom she writes for: stylish, outdoorsy, down-to-earth, and all-around rad. Don't believe us? Here are a few tidbits: The Venice dweller surfs every morning, once worked for Hunter S. Thompson, and has endless wit, worthy of a sitcom.
So, when Tuschman cleared a spot in her busy schedule, we jumped at the chance to snap some shots of her and share an intimate moment, sans throngs of admirers. Click through and meet this magnetic ringleader (and see her awesome go-to ensembles) while we've pinned her down.
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Tell us what a typical day is like at the helm of such a cool glossy!
"I usually get up pretty early and work out with a trainer or at a spin class, then I come home and answer a few emails before getting in the shower and dressed. Then, it’s off to our office, which is only eight blocks from where I live in Santa Monica.

From there, the day could consist of anything from conceiving and assigning stories and shoots for the issue, talking to and meeting with various photographers and stylists about concepts and shoots, going to shoots, stopping by showrooms to look at new lines, editing photos and stories — you name it!

We shoot almost every single image in Foam. So, in addition to writing a lot of the text and editing all of it, I also attend almost every big fashion shoot we do, which means a lot of being in and out of the office. It makes for a fun, diverse and dynamic day, but it can also be truly exhausting. But, the great part about it is that I’m never, ever bored. Each day is a little different, and my incredible team and I are truly involved in every part of the creative process of putting together this magazine, which is extremely rewarding and ultimately creates a finished product we are all very proud of."

Juicy Couture Top, Zara Sorts, LoveBirds LA Clutch, Pour La Victoire Pumps (not pictured), Chanel and Low Luv by Erin Wasson Rings (not pictured), J.Crew Necklace
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What's the biggest perk of your gig?
"The indulgent answer is being able to travel to amazing places and do the things I love, like surfing, skiing, snowboarding on work trips, and then cover them for the magazine. The heartfelt answer is that I get to meet amazing, creative people all the time, and I get to write about subjects I am interested in and care about. I could walk out of my house this morning, become fascinated by someone or something, and then find a way to cover it in a cool and interesting way. That is a truly awesome thing."

What's been the proudest moment of your career thus far?
"When I lived in Aspen and produced and hosted a morning show, I interviewed Carl Bernstein and asked him a question about Hunter S. Thompson, who I had been a writing assistant for. I was sort of obsessed with Watergate as a kid, so just interviewing Bernstein was a huge deal to me. The story he told me in return was something he had never told publicly, and it ended up making Page Six.

I woke up one day a few weeks later to an email from a mentor of mine, Vanity Fair writer Mark Seal, telling me I was a bold-faced name in the New York Post that today. I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t say making Page Six was my proudest moment, but pulling something out of Carl Bernstein that he had never said before certainly was!"
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How would you describe your style in five words or less?
"Comfortable, eclectic, and well-accessorized!"

What's the biggest compliment you've ever received on a look you've worn? "My parents have been married for 45 years, and the amazing, green sequined dress my grandmother wore to their wedding now belongs to me and fits perfectly. I have worn it for black-tie events a few times, and every time I receive a compliment on it, obviously it means so much. And if I send my dad a picture of me in it, he tears up — every time!"

Who are your top five can't-live-without designers?
"Chanel for accessories, Veda for leather jackets, J.Crew and Zara for basics, and Rag & Bone for pretty much anything."
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Okay, we have to address your fabulous hair! What products do you use to tame that mane or oomph it up?
"I honestly don’t do much to it — it's just that curly, no matter what I do. Basically I condition it every day — I know this sounds weird but I can’t wash it every day because then it becomes too soft! Out of the shower, I use a little John Frieda Frizz Ease, which I have used for years, and then I dry it with a diffuser upside down while I read a book or magazine. People always laugh when they see me do that, but I get a lot of reading done that way!"

Your skin is perhaps the dewiest of any of our subjects. What are your morning and nighttime rituals and what products do you swear by?
"What a compliment! In the morning, I use a really gentle Olay Eye Gel because I have super-sensitive eyes, and then a sunblock as my moisturizer. I honestly switch up my products a lot, but right now I’m using a Chanel sunblock in the day and a Natura Bissé night cream. And, truth be told, I get fairly frequent facials — that’s definitely a perk of the gig!"

Alice + Olivia Pants, Shoe Mint Heels (not pictured), Lulu Frost, Chanel, and Kendra Scott Necklaces, Low Luv by Erin Wasson Rings
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If you could go shopping with anyone, alive or no longer with us, who would it be?
"My grandma — she was the chicest woman in the world. Even when she went into the hospital for the last time she was dressed to the nines. She was just the epitome of sophistication. And, if I had to choose someone alive, I would have to say Olivia Palermo or Kate Moss. Both of their styles are so impeccable and so distinct, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see what they pick out and how they put it together?"

What was your most recent purchase and where'd you snatch it up?
"I got myself an Hermès cuff for my birthday. I wanted something special, and I think it's a great, everyday piece that I could wear alone or layer with other pieces for years to come."
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Tell us about working with Hunter S. Thompson.
"Working with Hunter was one of the most special experiences of my life, and I will be forever thankful for it. While I was senior editor of Aspen Magazine by day, I was basically his writing assistant by night for the last year of his life. I could ask him questions about things I had always wondered about, like what the beginning days of Rolling Stone were like, or what really happened in Vegas, or what it was like to be on the campaign trail with McCarthy, and he would tell me — in detail! It was absolutely fascinating.

But, if there was one great story to tell, it would probably be the day I walked in Owl Farm to help him with his column that was due, and he told me that Fear and Loathing was on TV, and we should watch it. Obviously, I abandoned the hope of him getting his column out that night, and we sat and watched it together. I asked him a ton of questions throughout the movie, and he told me about certain parts he had insisted made it in from the book, and so on. We laughed and talked and watched the whole thing — he even told me the background on some of the characters and scenes. It was an incredible experience I wouldn’t trade for anything."
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Tell us about your obsession with surfing and where you go to catch the best waves!
"I surf every week. My favorite spot in L.A. is Sunset, right where Sunset Boulevard meets PCH. It’s a great, slow, perfect wave. Abroad, I’ve surfed in Mexico a lot and once in Hawaii, but my favorite place to surf is Punta Mita in Mexico. I’m headed there for the third time in about a week, and I can’t wait. It’s such an authentic, special place with amazing people and surf breaks.

I also surfed Montauk for the first time this summer and loved the vibe there. I took lessons from the Santa Monica Surf School every week for several weeks in a row a few summers ago, but I probably learned the most from my best guy friend, Ashley. He taught me the ins and outs of surf etiquette, surfed with me all the time in the beginning and always, always encouraged me even when I was losing confidence during the tough first few months. I do a lot of sports but taking up surfing was the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done. I highly recommend it for anyone who has any interest in it. There's no way to accurately describe how it changes you."

Have you had any hairy moments out in the water?
"I’ve had some pretty gnarly bruises — one was so huge it went from my elbow to my armpit! I also got out of the water one time and my mouth was bleeding from the board smacking me in the face, and I didn’t even know until a friend told me. But for the most part, I’ve been fine. It’s too much fun to care about a few bruises."

Tell us the story behind this specific board.
"My aforementioned best guy friend gave it to me as a thank you gift a few years ago, and I also think it was his way of encouraging me to keep surfing. He bought it, put a pink bow on it, and brought it to me at my office. He marched all the way through the lobby, up the elevator and into my office with that thing. Kills me every time I think about it. Most often though, I ride a nine-foot, seafoam-green custom board by an awesome shaper based in the South Bay named Dan Cobley."

Heidi Merrick Dress, Citrine By The Stones Necklace, Bruno Magli For Fendi Shoes, YSL Ring, Low Luv by Erin Wasson Ring, Jimmy Choo Clutch
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Then this Jimmy Choo is pretty fitting for your lifestyle, correct?
"When I first saw it, I literally felt like it was made for me. A designer purse with a beautiful surf scene on it? I mean, come on! The Jimmy Choo West Coast PR person, who is a friend of mine, thought they were sold out everywhere, but I was obsessed. I called the Jimmy Choo store on Rodeo and begged a salesperson to track one down anywhere he possibly could. I really think he found it in some state that didn’t know about surfing. He had it transferred to Beverly Hills, and I went and bought it. I feel like it’s a small piece of art. When I stop wearing it one day, I plan to display it."
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You're such an accessories queen, what are some of your favorite adornments in your closet?
"I seriously have a purse problem. Purses are definitely my other obsession after jewelry. Chanel, Mulberry, and Balenciaga are my absolute favorites, and I love clutches from Clare Vivier and LoveBirds LA."

How do you keep all of your shoes, bags, and other extras organized?
"There is nothing impressive about the way I display my bags, shoes, and jewelry, and anyone who has been to my apartment can attest to that. My apartment looks like a store — or like a little girl blew up in it!"
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Tell us about that stunning statement necklace!
"It's an Afghan necklace from my friend Kathy Rose, who owns Roseark, my absolute favorite store for jewelry. She's unbelievable — not just in the store but also in what she creates with her own line, Kathy Rose for Roseark. Some of my absolute favorite pieces are by her, especially my arrowhead ring and necklace. She's the accessories editor at Foam because I can’t think of anyone who understands amazing, unique accessories or can put them together in a more fabulous way than she can. I’m obsessed with her aesthetic in every way. I wouldn’t say I get first dibs, but she is an extraordinarily kind and generous friend!"

H&M Top, Paige Denim Pants, Roseark Afghanistan Necklace, Chanel Purse, Jimmy Choo Heels, Vintage Bracelet
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How do you find balance in your life and do you have any time-management tips?
"Balance, what’s that? Seriously, I love what I do, so I don’t mind working a lot, but there is no question that finding the time to surf and spend time with friends and family is absolutely imperative to me being truly happy. I always say that no one on their deathbed looked back and said, 'I wish I would've worked more,' but they might say, 'I wish I would've spent more time with the people I love.' So, I always try to remember that when I’m deciding between work and play. Frankly, sometimes, you just have to choose play."

Where do you find inspiration?
"Refinery29, of course! I’m also a magazine junkie. I read almost everything, but I really love Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and Glamour U.K. I also read Lucky and Marie Claire, just because I love seeing so many products! And, like everyone else, I’ve definitely gotten into blogs in the last few years. They offer such a different, more attainable way to experience fashion.

I particularly like the aesthetic of Atlantic-Pacific for a more preppy look and Sincerely, Jules for true California style. But, the gold standard for me is, and always will be, Vanity Fair. I think it’s exceptional! And, I’m truly inspired by the women around me in L.A. — everyone from the fabulously chic women I see at major events to the impossibly cool ones on Abbot Kinney. If you really pay attention, you can discover new ways to wear things all the time just by looking at the people around you."
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What do you look for when you're hiring?
"Someone who has great attention to detail, is serious about what they do, and, above all, has passion. That accounts for a lot."

What's the number one piece of advice you'd tell aspiring editor-in-chiefs?
"Strive for excellence in yourself and everyone around you. I think it’s really easy to be a little lazy in this day and age, with our smartphones and the Internet and having such easy access to everything. I truly care if a comma is correct and if a story is well-written, well-researched, and interesting. I care deeply about the words, first and foremost. And I care that the people around me care about that. Strive for excellence and don’t expect or accept anything less. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!"

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