30 Gorgeous Sari Outfits— Traditional, Modern, & Unexpected

First, some sari facts, if you aren't familiar with this traditional South Asian garment worn by millions of women across the globe. They can be as many as 10 feet long, and require a 12-step process to properly put on. There are dozens of variations on how to drape them. A sari can hug the body and showcase curves while remaining comfortable and practical (a rarely achieved feat of fashion and physics).
The many complicated draping techniques mean that there's power in knowing how to wear a sari right. We love seeing how contemporary women and designers are putting together saris to fit their lives and personalities, for occasions ranging from the red carpet to running errands.
And, let's be clear on one more thing: A sari is not a costume. It's not a "fun exotic dress." It's a garment steeped in culture and history, but it's also a fashion statement in its own right, and one that can mean different things to different women. Let's appreciate the women who wear saris — and look amazing doing it.
In celebration of our last episode of Style Out There, which chronicles a very special type of sari ceremony, we've found 30 examples of sari outfits worn traditionally, modernly, formally, and casually by women of all many religions and from many countries — click through to see them all.

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