The Best Spots In NYC, According To Sarah Sophie Flicker

Sarah Sophie Flicker: political activist, writer, producer, performance artist, vintage-clothing whiz, and the creative force behind NYC musical troupe The Citizens Band — a crazy-talented group that came together in response to the 2004 election. Is it any wonder that this incredibly busy young mom also considers herself a diehard New Yorker? She's one of those people who not only loves the city; she feeds off its energy.
"The streets of New York are endlessly inspiring to me," Flicker tell us. "I'm a fan of the subway, as well. I love the connection we have to each other, the random interactions, the camaraderie of the city. I will talk to just about anyone, so New York is the perfect home for me. This city highlights our connection to each other, how well we can get along."
In anticipation of The Citizens Band's latest must-see performance at Irving Plaza tomorrow night (grab your tickets here), we asked Flicker — who, like the rest of us, suffers from the occasional bout of FOGO — for the lowdown on some of her very favorite spots in New York City. From her go-to coffee joint to the places she goes when she needs a creative boost, read on for her picks!