New BFF Alert? SJP & Kanye Hang At H&M’s MASSIVE Margiela Party

Well, if you made it through the entire Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection, get ready for another massive slideshow, as only the Swedish brand's monster collabs can deliver. And, dare we say it, last night's launch, at an empty building in the Financial District, was perhaps the biggest party we've ever been to, if we're counting the number of floors on tap. Guests spread across nine — no BS — yes, nine stories of abandoned (fittingly "derelicte," as one lost Zoolander fan gasped) amazingness, making for legendary Instagram pics, as well as some slight scattered cases of vertigo. "Is this its take on FOMO?" mused Faryn Krentcil as we made our way to the top of the building, a.k.a. the spot where you could actually buy the collection. It would certainly seem so, judging by our inability to leave until we explored every crevice of performance/installation art (with dances orchestrated by iconic choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker), model-laden corners (Helena! Joan! Hanne!), and a step-and-repeat that bounced flashbulbs across the kind of cool, dilapidated windows you only see in Anthropologie catalogs. "In every room, on every floor, you never knew what you were going to find," said Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M. Yeah, no kidding.
Of course, we got our shop on — combatting hungry fashion editors and Margiela-heads in a Hunger Games type scenario (you should have seen us own our mirror space), though, thankfully, the sizes didn't seem to be running out. Coupled with the celeb spotting, it was what gossip-rag-headline wet dreams are made of — including, yes, an extended Kanye West and SJP hang that had the paparazzi (thankfully!) forgetting about Kim for a second (Parker's take on the line: "The collection makes luxury available to everyone. It’s very democratic and I’m all for it.") — and we're calling it the kind of only-in-New-York collaboration celebration to be beat. Hey, if anyone was going to raise the bar, it would be the label that made avant garde cool. The best part? All those stairs made today's gym visit a bit redundant — hey, Margiela's all about workin' it, right?
Click through to see 22 pics from the Margiela madness...and start figuring out just what items you want in your closet come November 15.
Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

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