Sandblasted Jeans Have Dangerous Effects On Garment Workers

We all try to pitch in and do our part to preserve the environment by switching to greener lifestyles and making smarter purchases, but sometimes we can be wholly unaware of the harmful effects of our actions. Clean Clothes Campaign is an organization that has been fighting for the awareness and understanding of deadly garment processes such as sandblasting in the production of jeans. Workers involved in this process to create that distressed, faded look on new denim are at risk of a deadly lung disease, silicosis, caused by long-term exposure to extremely fine dust. Who knew that we could be endangering lives of people in countries such as Turkey, China, and Bangladesh just by purchasing those sexy, worn-in boyfriend jeans? Well, now we do know, and while CCC is calling for a worldwide ban of sandblasting, we can do our part to support fair and healthy working conditions simply by switching to brands that don't use this dangerous process. (Hessnatur)