Ryan Gosling Might Be The Next Batman (Fingers Crossed)

Our mega-crush on Ryan Gosling couldn’t possibly get any bigger. Psych! It definitely can. When news broke that Christian Bale will no longer be playing the role of Batman, a list of other potentials popped up and of course RyGos (yes, we just went there) was at the top. Just the thought of that had us doing an awkward, giggly dance at our desk. We loved seeing him play a darker character is Drive, so this role could be right up his alley. Don't even try to act like you didn't just imagine him in that batman suit. This is up there with the Telegraph interview where he admitted to thinking like a woman because he was raised by his mom and sister (seriously, swoon.) AND the yummy Gosling pancakes. Do you think Gosling would kill it as the caped crusader? Or should he stick to rom coms? (HuffPo)
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures.

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