Rush Limbaugh Plays Fashion Critic, Agrees With A Caller That MOBama Looks Like “A Tub Of Mustard”

There's no denying Rush Limbaugh is a versatile broadcaster. He's been a music DJ, dabbled in politics here and there, and worked the mic on "Monday Night Football". Now, he's stepped into our territory by taking on the nation's First Fashion Plate, Mrs. Michelle Obama. Responding to a caller's comment that our First Lady marches around like a lumberjack—oooh snap—Rush asks the question why we, as fashion writers, "write about her in ways so many people don't agree [with] or at least question?" It's a good point, Rush. Why aren't we calling Mrs. Obama a "tub of mustard" when she wears yellow, which, as you noted, is pretty much the objective truth? Why do we "kowtow" to her? It can't be because she picks vibrant, arresting pieces by talented veterans and emerging designers along affordable mass-market fare, illustrating both a forward-leaning taste and a keen self-awareness. It can't be because, more so than any first lady since Jackie Kennedy, she successfully represents herself in public as a fully modern, independent, adult woman in touch with both her mind and body.
No, that can't be it.
As Rush says in this clip, there's an obvious answer we've been avoiding, one he gives here. "In large part," he says, "sympathy drives the reporting of Moochelle Obama as a fashion icon." Again, as he did with football, Limbaugh leaves the professionals—the the Tim Gunns, Mr. Blackwells, and Cathy Horyns—in the dust as he heads to places none of us would dare consider. Forget tones, textures, lines, and hems. What's in this season, according to fashion's new Buddha, is liberal guilt. (Mediaite)

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