Rodarte Sisters Think New York Is A Magical Snow Globe

Style magazine Gravure got an exclusive interview with Kate Mulleavy, one half of the dynamic duo that is Rodarte, in their latest issue. The photos, shot by Todd Cole, are striking and beautiful, as is Kate's description of that gulf between the East and West coasts. "Santa Cruz is where the movie The Lost Boys was based and filmed. It is a really great, amazing place filled with so many different characters, like street punks, psychedelic skaters, surfers and yuppies, anything you can think of," she says of her hometown. She also describes the East Coast as "shaped by E.B White or J.D Salinger." "For me, New York was like having seen a city in a snow globe. I just had this magical view of it shaped by films and books and the amazing thing about New York City is that it really lives up to it. The more I spend time traveling there the more it seems like one of the greatest places, so that is what I think is magical about that city." Sniff. Read more of Kate's musings on the beauty of cities in the interview.

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