Rihanna Has A Naked Moment — But We’re Questioning The Backlash

Riri's fearless fashion choices are always up for discussion, but lately it's her lack of garb that's been getting peoples' panties in a bunch.
Hot on the heels of her Nude fragrance photo shoot, the sultry singer's most recent strip-down is featured on the cover of Esquire UK.
Clad in just a few gold jewels, dog tags (she is promoting Battleship after all), and her signature tats, the cover shot as well as the inside portfolio are nothing short of steamy. In the images that accompany her interview, Riri does put her clothes back on (if you call lingerie proudly displaying toosh cleavage an outfit, that is), and strikes a few patriotic poses in a camo-printed jacket, fishnet bra, and army hat.
Does she look sexy? Sure. But we're starting to feel the bare-skinned backlash. Of course, we applaud the fact that the 24-year-old is taking full control of her sexuality, but we're concerned that she'll become notorious for her NSFW style. So...we're of two minds. On the one hand, we don't want her nude shots to steal focus from her phenomenal talent and her trailblazing style; but then, on the other hand, shouldn't we live in a world where a woman can own her sex appeal and flaunt it the way she wants to, without being taken to task for it?
Just as long as she keeps busting out the best beats, we'll remain loyal members of the RiRi Navy, but what do you think? Is she going overboard, or do people need to back off with the vitriol? (Styleite)

Photo: Via Styleite