5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 26 2012

Preview pics of Doo.Ri Chung's collection for Macy's are out. Everything looks ultra-feminine and fab, as to be expected from the designer who once dressed Michelle Obama. (Stylelist)
We've already rounded up what you can wear at your Valentine's evening's end, but before you get down and dirty, these are the town's best romantic restaurants that'll satisfy your other appetite. (LA Weekly)
Starbucks expanded its exploratory liquor sales to include the Chicago and SoCal areas. The morning workplace might never be the same. (Daily Mail UK)
Ink-friendly Rihanna tweeted some new tats. She's totally not going to regret the baby pink THUG LIFE across her knuckles. (BuzzFeed)
Could wedding bells finally be in the air for Brad and Angie? The actor didn't rule it out (as he had before) in a new interview. (THR)
Photo: Via BuzzFeed.

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