10 Remote Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Recently terms like "digital nomad" have entered the vocabulary of professionals and freelancers everywhere. The phrase, which refers to people who work remotely from foreign countries, often in digital and creative industries that afford flexibility, sounds great in theory. But how do you make it work?
According to FlexJobs' annual survey wanting to travel is number four in the top reasons people work. Even so, most employees are lucky to get 10 vacation days a year, which, for someone with a travel bug, simply doesn't cut it. And a lot of people have jet-setting on their mind lately — whether they're looking to escape the current administration or live on a tropical beach (or both).
Though working remotely isn't reserved for any specific industry, there are certain types of jobs that make it a lot easier to travel frequently or live abroad. Increasingly, employers are offering more flexible options, from unlimited vacation time to work-from-anywhere offerings. Many of these arrangements mean that, basically, it doesn't matter where you work as long as you get your job done. But where can one find these elusive jobs that allow nearly unrestricted travel?
Remote.co put together a list of current job listings that offer some or complete freedom to travel. These positions will get likely get filled quickly, but they offer some insight into the types of gigs you may want to look into if you're thinking of trying the digital nomad lifestyle on for size.

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