Bling It Up At This Secret Sale On West Third Street

February is known as the month of roses, pink construction-paper hearts, chocolates (followed by a pile of wrappers), and yes — the only thing that actually lasts more than a week — jewelry. Whether you're single this V-Day and looking for a self-indulgent treat that won't require a subsequent Santa Monica stairs sesh as follow-up, or have a cutie who always seems to miss the gift-giving mark, you must head over to Regency Jewelry. No really, their entire stock is going for 25% off for the whole month!
Regency is one of our favorite secret spots with a curated collection of antique and fine jewelry that can bring any bling-eyed girl to her knees. From unique jewel-encrusted statement pieces to elegant strands, this store can fulfill some serious cravings. So, if you somehow just got outbid on one of Dame Liz Taylor's pieces, this Third Street spot is sure to help you fill the void.

When: Now through February 29

Where: Regency Jewelry Co., 8129 West 3rd Street (at South Kilkea Drive); 323-655-2573.

Photo: Via Regency Jewelry