Real Life Taxi Cab Confessions: Secrets From The Traffic Roads

We know cab drivers may eat foul smelling sandwiches, take us on the scenic route, and even (ugh!) claim their "radio is broken." But we're willing to give them a break for a sec after watching this revealing video, which shows us an inside scoop on what they've seen on the (usually not) open road. The answer? Everything—and we mean everything. Think people haven't done the nasty on the leather seat you sit on? Think again. Aside from the typical hookup stories, these cabbies spill on what makes them tick, which celeb is the best tipper (hint: his name rhymes with "free-um cheesin"), and, most importantly, why they love what they do. What's the craziest thing you've ever done in a cab? We promise we won't tell...(Daily Candy)

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