Rad Or Bad? Olivia Palermo's Spotted Situation

If NYC were to hold an award show for having the most ridiculously sick wardrobe, Olivia Palermo would definitely be a top contender. The well-to-do Manhattan socialite and The City reality star, who sports a famous love-to-hate glare and one-of-a-kind attire usually gets her outfits spot-on. But, did she make a rare misstep at Elie Saab's Paris couture show? According to Teen Vogue Palermo's leopard print outfit needs some "serious help." So, what do you think of the reality starlet's purple leopard print dress paired with a wide leopard print belt and an embellished bag? While we give her props for taking a risk, Palermo may have a pretty serious print problem on hand. So, dites-nous, is this spotted situation rad or bad? (Teen Vogue)

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