Rad or Bad: Nail Studded Pieces, Daring or Dangerous?

To think there was a time when studs and spikes were actually...intimidating. Now, the runways and streets are inundated with punk touches that might even make Sid and Nancy reach for a floral print. Thankfully, avant-guardians took the trend one (or five) steps further with nails, hammering them into keyrings or drilling them into platforms. We're digging the hardware touch but we're not quite sure how to hold that Tom Binns clutch without inadvertently piercing our palms. Is there a way to rock the nail trend sans bloody consequences? Or should we toss 'em back in the toolbox?
Above, from left: Geil Magazine Reaper Boy Voodoo Toy Editorial, image via Rackk and Ruin; Margiela Nail Keyring, $160.89, available to Oki-Ni.com.
Above, clockwise from top left: Platform Nail Heels, image via Twisted Lamb; Geil Magazine Reaper Boy Voodoo Toy Editorial, image from Rackk and Ruin; Tom Binns and Corto Moltedo Nail Clutch, image via Jalou Gallery.

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