Rad Or Bad: Are These Puffy Clothes Cool Or Should They Stay On Your Bed?

Above, from left: Rick Owens fall '10, Comme des Garçons fall '10, Vivienne Westwood fall '10; all images via Style.com
Remember those people who wore sweatpants to class in college? If you hated their rolled-out-of-bed style as much as we did, wait until you see what some designers are dreaming up now. Rei Kawakubo and Vivienne Westwood seem to suggest that sleepyheads who can't bear the thought of doffing their comfy covers should wear them instead. We think these models look like they're gearing up for a pillow fight, but do their fluffy looks leave you floating on cloud nine?
Above, from left: Issey Miyake fall '10, Rick Owens fall '10, Balenciaga fall '10; all images via Style.com

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