This New Dating Site Is Like OkCupid Meets Millionaire Matchmaker

We're just gonna say it: Dating in New York is hard. Like, really hard. But, as rare as it is to find an eligible bachelor (or bachelorette), we still found ourselves doing a serious double take when we got wind of NYC's newest "dating service." is a new online pub that features "elite" singles in an editorial-style spread perfect for the gawking pleasure of New Yorkers looking for a rich hot date. The featured guys and gals are vetted by an exclusive group (of "socialtes," no less), and belong to a private club of "well educated, busy professionals." The best part? If you like what you see, you're able to submit your digital calling card in hopes of being chosen to date your new online crush.
Now, call us traditional, but there's just something about this veritable meat market that rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it's the fact that only socialite-approved "professionals" are deemed worthy enough for a spread, or maybe it's the idea of having to compete against hundreds of other women for a night out with one of these singles. Either way, we think we'll stick to the good ol' fashioned blind date for now.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriela Alford