Show Yourself Some Love With 80% Off These Reader-Favorite Vibrators

One of the many things I love about Pride is that it encourages sex positivity and self-love, and there's no better way to love yourself than buying hugely discounted sex toys. We know vibrators can cost a pretty penny, but we want you to orgasm with ease this month (and every month). That's why Refinery29 has teamed up with sex toy retailer Ella Paradis to bring you three of our readers' favorite sex toys in two exclusive bundles during June.
Seriously, the savings on these toys are massive. When you purchase either the Better Love Refinery29 Pride Bundle or Better Love Refinery29 Pride Triple Threat Bundle at Ella Paradis, you'll save up to 86%. The bundles are comprised of the three best-selling clitoral stimulators from luxury toy brand Better Love: the Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator, the Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator, and the Tap Dancer Clitoral Stimulator, all of which are powerful, quiet, and easy to use. Based on anonymous data from our top-performing shopping stories, we know that the unique flicking, suction, and vibration patterns of these three toys are some of our readers' favorites. The Better Love Blowfish even made it to our list of most-wanted sex toys earlier this year.
Curious about these vibrators that already won over R29 readers' hearts (and clitorises), I decided to take all three toys for a spin myself. Let me say, first and foremost, I get it. I already knew that R29 readers had excellent taste, but the proof was in my orgasms.
Charlotte Lewis
Knowing all three toys were waterproof, I decided to take them into the bath with me for an afternoon of solo time. The first (and smallest) vibrator, the Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator, has two sides: one with traditional suction and the other with a unique flicking motion that emulates the tip of a tongue against your clitoris. If you're in the market for a tiny vibrator that packs one hell of a punch, this is a must-have. I was initially nervous to use it (the tongue function looks a bit intimidating at first glance, and a few reviewers called it "weird" and "awkward"), but after test-flicking the toy on my finger for a few seconds, I deemed it safe enough to try between my legs. It was just as quiet as promised, but it was even stronger than I anticipated. My words of wisdom: Be sure you're heavily warmed up before using the tongue flick. Otherwise, just stick to the tried-and-true suction side.

Next up I tried out the Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator, which is — I'll say it — a perfect suction toy. There's a reason for this toy's popularity. In the past, I've found suction vibrators have a steep learning curve as you try to figure out where to angle and place them. Not the Butterfly, though. Despite my unfamiliarity, the soft handle made it easy to maneuver between my legs (even with my slippery bathwater hands), and the mouth of the suction cup innately knew where to best suck. I worried it would be more difficult because I was using it while already aroused, but the suction was somehow both wide enough and narrow enough to fit my clit snuggly, so it received the perfect amount of stimulation. I will say (and I don't know if this is just me and my oversensitive clit or what) that I found the orgasm slightly too intense, verging on slightly painful. But the toy was easily removed, and it was, honestly, not that much of a problem. I recommend using it at the tail end of your playtime to maximize its bang-up finish.

The Tap Dancer is not a sprinter; she's a marathon runner. And marathon we did.

charlotte lewis, r29 sexual health and wellness writer
The final toy is the Tap Dancer Clitoral Stimulator, which has quickly become my new best friend. Having been over-stimmed by the Butterfly, I waited until the next day to try out the Tap Dancer, which was definitely my smartest move. Starting from zero, I was able to more fully explore the capabilities of this pulsing vibrator and its six unique vibrating patterns. I felt almost lazy, exploring each pattern with unhurried ease, just tuning into what felt good. The Tap Dancer is not a sprinter; she's a marathon runner. And marathon we did. Despite having a ton of easy-to-grip surface area, the toy's protruding nodule made it easy to stimulate exactly where I pointed it. Plus, the protrusion makes folds and crevices other vibrators can't reach accessible. The toy uses something called TAPPLEASURE Technology, which mimics human touch through the tap response (also used in acupuncture and massage) to stimulate nerve endings, unearthing sensations I hadn't quite ever felt between my legs. After about 30 leisurely minutes, I had one of the longest orgasms I've ever experienced. Because of the consistent tap, tap, tapping, I was able to ride out my extended high without overstimulation. Just sheer pleasure. I'll freely admit this one was my favorite of the bunch, and it is well worth grabbing the bigger bundle for.
This ultra-low-priced bundle includes the Better Love Butterfly Clitoral Stimulator in light pink and the Better Love Blowfish Clitoral Stimulator in purple, all for under $70.
This aptly named bundle is a true triple threat. The vibrators are not only strong, quiet, and waterproof, but they're practically free (that makes them a quadruple threat, actually!). With the extra $520 back into your pocket, you'll be able to splurge on dream Pride gear or other sex toys. You could even donate to your favorite LGBTQ+ charity. If that doesn't say Happy Pride, we don't know what does.
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