Quirky Wedding Proposals, A Lost Raptor, And Irina Lazareanu’s Diary

Irina Lazareanu kept a CFDA diary so you don't have to. (Modelinia)
Does group dancing, a unicycle, and matching t-shirts shout romantic wedding proposal to you? Well one dude yesterday in Madison Square Park obviously thought so—he "performed" his proposal for his now fiancé, Claudette. (Huffington Post)
If there could be an adorable bird of prey, the baby falcon found today in Queens would definitely qualify. Don't worry, the itty-bitty bird was returned to its nest on the Verrazano Bridge safe and sound. (New York Mag)

Because we all know financiers love to read about fashion,
The Wall Street Journal
will add an unexpected and somewhat questionable lifestyle section this fall. (New York Observer)

Demi Moore is rising from the dead with big story and and even bigger wallet, after selling her memoirs to HarperCollins for $2 million. (Media Bistro)
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