Puppet Master: Mullish Muse Turns Karl, John & Viv into Finger Puppets

Turns out Karl Lagerfeld doesn't have a stick up his ass after all. It's a finger. Oh, calm down—we're talking about the finger puppet doppelganger from Etsy designer Mullish Muse, who's also created felt tributes to a red yarn-tressed Vivienne Westwood, a pirate John Galliano, the presidential candidates, and The White Stripes. Designed to fit a "very thin, modelesque-type finger, pencil, or pipe cleaner," Karl Lagerfelt (ba-dum-bum) should make your next puppet theater performance a stony-silenced riot. We can't wait for the scene where he sniffs that Barbie is too fat.
Available at www.etsy.com.

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