10 Stunning Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Recreate For Prom

Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images.
Right about now every high-school senior is studiously prepping for final exams and filling out all the appropriate pre-college paperwork — not. If you see a teenager toting a computer, they're just as likely to be scrolling through Pinterest for formal outfit ideas and arranging post-prom plans in the group chat as they are to be cramming for that math final.
And if you're the one scrolling through prom ideas on a study break, don't forget to save some ideas for your makeup. While you probably had the prom dress picked out months ago (the big dance also served as a distraction during midterms), it can be easy to forget about the smaller details. But remember: This makeup look will be frozen in time on your parents mantle for the rest of your life (adults are sentimental like that). So, it's important to choose something that you love.
Ahead, we've put together a few prom-perfect looks that are far from basic. These makeup looks — whether a bold cat-eye or an unexpected pop of color —will complement your outfit and stand out in the official prom photo.

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