If You Only Wear Black, Consider This Your Secret Weapon

Save for the random pair of blue jeans, and that gray sweater you only wear when you're feeling sick, your closet consists of all-black clothes. Seriously, you have to pull hangers off your clothing rod to figure out which garment is which. But, that's the way you like it.

Matching is never a concern, and you get dressed faster than anyone else you know. You can tell the difference between all 10 of your black T-shirts (even if no one else can). Being a fashion person, you also know the way to make your shtick stick is to juxtapose it with the complete opposite. Scared? Don't be.

The answer to making your all-black ensemble really pop is to top it off with a piece in a crazy color or print. If you make that your coat, you get the best of both worlds: With the coat on, your all-black layers stand out as a styling trick, and once you get inside and take your coat off, you're back to being yourself. (Back in black?) Knowing your hardline on sophistication, take comfort in knowing that printed coats don't all have to be whimsical and ridiculous — check out the following five versions that won't compromise your coolness.   

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