Prince Of Monaco Might Need Plastic Surgery After A Royal Rumble

This weekend served up the newest case of "celebrities royals, they're just like us." On Sunday, Pierre Casiraghi (aka the Prince of Monaco) got into a pretty brutal bar fight at MPD hotspot The Double Seven (where, just last week, we hosted our own Fashion Week event). The prince walked away with a busted face that some say needs plastic surgery, while alleged assailant and former club owner, Adam Hock, racked up a bar tab of eight counts of third-degree assault. And there were some big society names involved. The prince's posse, who also came under attack, included Stavros Niarchos III, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, and Diego Marroquin; Meanwhile, Team Hock wasn't too bad either—models Natasha Poly, Anja Rubik, and The Double Seven owner himself, Jeffrey Jah, all rolled in his entourage. Reports say the Prince and his crew approached Hock's table and were "being completely obnoxious," causing the punches to fly. We're skeptical about the entire series of events, but a royal prince being obnoxious? Somehow that part we can picture. Still, violence is never the answer. (People)
Photo: Via People

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