How To Get The Most Out Of A Pride Parade

Illustrated by Norah Stone.
It's Pride month and for many LGBTQ+ people and their allies, that means one thing: A great big Pride parade. While there are plenty of queer events throughout the whole month (and plenty to celebrate about the LGBTQ+ community all year 'round), it's the parade that gets the most play. And why not? Pride parades are loud, sparkly, and lots of fun as long as you do them right.
Still, it is possible to do a Pride parade wrong. You can stand in the wrong spot, get there at the wrong time, end up hanging out with the wrong people, or feel totally drained from dehydration. Pride is supposed to be this amazing event, but instead it can turn into a long, hot, and crowded nightmare. So we talked with James Fallarino, media director of NYC Pride, for his tips and trick to making a Pride parade everything you want it to be. Read on for his advice.

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