Pretty Baby! 11 Spring Beauty Products That Totally Work, Editor-Approved!

Spring took its sweet time getting here. But it's finally here to stay. Are you ready to face it? If not, you're definitely not alone. It wasn't until we spent some quality face-time with master cleanser, Mrs. Meyer's new book that we were inspired to rise and get shiny. So, here's your belated wake-up call, along with 11 editor-approved beauty products that we think will make the transition to warmer temps a whole lot easier. Because we know waking up (and cleaning up) is hard to do.
spring-cleaning-beauty-story1. Mulitpurpose Repair Stick by McBride Beauty, $15, available at Miomia--"It's made locally, it's all-natural, it goes everywhere, and does everything from quench chapped lips to smooth out gnarly elbows and cuticles. It's become a constant companion that I'll be using all spring long."--Christene Barberich
2. Raspberry Green Tea Extract by Pure Inventions, $30.75 available at Pure Inventions--"I promised myself to start drinking water. And thanks to these amazing little extracts, I might finally give up Diet Coke for good. Each is packed with immune system boosting antioxidants and have no caffeine, no carbs, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no alcohol and are gluten-free. You've got to try the Raspberry Green Tea, it's the perfect afternoon pick-me up."--Megan Baldwin
3. All-Natural Rosemary Mint Soap by Cleanup Soap, $8, available at Cleanup Soap--"I'm a total sucker for a product with a purpose. So I absolutely fell for this bar's socially conscious angle ($2 from the sale of each is donated to the Cambodia Landmine Museum which functions as a launch pad for humanitarian relief). I haven't lathered up with this pretty baby yet, but am dying to try the Rosemary Mint variety. Sounds so yummy."--Megan Baldwin
4. Flatte Nail Polish by Knock Out Cosmetics, $22, available at Miomia--"The last time I was this excited about a nail polish I was in 7th grade and they came with plastic rings. No rings, but this polish goes on completely matte and lasts forever...which is definitely a good thing these days.--Xiyin Tang
5. Rose Synergy O12 Restoring Facial Serum by Ren Cosmetics, $80, available at Ren Cosmetics--"I put this Rose Oil on before bed and wake up rosy fresh! Seriously though, it smells fantastic and it's nice to my delicate skin. Already a crucial part of my beauty regimen."--Piera Gelardi
6. No Frizz Styling Cream by Living Proof, $24, available at Sephora—"I'm not sure how they did it. But the scientists behind this miracle product actually managed to create an antidote to my cowlick. I've been using this cream all week and in spite of the dreary weather my hair stayed pretty straight. I'm no longer dreading the month of August."—Kit Chaney
7. A ExfoliKate by Kate Sommerville, $85, available at Sephora—"Add this all-natural clarifier to the short list of products that actually live up to the hype. The combinations of enzymes gently (but not too gently) penetrated to open up my pores. I can't stop raving about it, and making everyone I know try it out.— Megan Baldwin
8. Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica, $48, available at Dermalogica—"The gentle cleanser evened out tone almost immediately but didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. So amazing, I'm totally converted!"—Roanne Adams
9. Snap Pea Spring Cleaning Kit by Mrs. Meyers, $15, available at MrsMeyers, Clean Home by Mrs. Meyer's, $ 19.99, available at Mrs. Meyers—"I hate cleaning as much as the next girl who grew up with a mom that made Martha Stewart look like an amateur.But this handy kit makes it super easy, plus it smells amazing; like fresh peas handpicked from a garden."—Lisa Dionisio
10. Organic Coffee Macadamia Body Polish by Malie Kauai, $43, available at Miomia—"The worst thing about winter is dry skin, and I'm one of those girls who always forgets to use lotion. So when it comes time to shed those layers, I'll be using this scrub to shed my winter scales as well. The scent is like crack and it leaves your skin feeling like butter. So delicious."— Xiyin Tang
11. Moisturizing Lipstick in Scarlett by Julie Hewett, $22.50, available at Miomia—"I am a total lipstick girl, and this brand is my new favorite. It goes on really smooth smells great due to an infusion of essential oils, and seriously, it's the prettiest shade of fuchsia ever. Perfect for spring and summer with a little baby tan."— Christene Barberich

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