All The Things No One Ever Tells You About Pregnancy Skin

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Deli meat, soft cheese, and alcohol aren’t the only things you are often advised to give up during pregnancy. It's smart to be cautious about certain ingredients in some of your go-to beauty products, too. And that’s incredibly unfortunate timing, considering your complexion is likely going through some extreme changes.
“Pregnancy can definitely affect skin, but how it affects it varies from woman to woman,” says OB/GYN Angela Jones, MD. “Pregnant moms might notice acne, discoloration, skin tags, increased oiliness, or rashes — all due to the hormones of pregnancy.” But if the thought of switching up your products right about now seems a bit depressing, you’re not alone. In fact, 87% of women find it difficult to maintain their skin-care routines during pregnancy, according to research conducted by Bio-Oil.
To ease the inconvenience, bookmark this definitive guide that demystifies what you should be using — and what's best avoided. Read it, rest easy, and then spend your precious time thinking about the decisions that really matter. Like picking out that name...

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