35 New Fashion Ideas That Might Change Everything

The first time you saw, say, Birkenstocks on a trendy woman was probably a jarring experience. The second time was weird, too. But, by the fourth, fifth, or 15th time, it became much more normalized — like suddenly seeing everyone in florals or treating normcore as a thing. But, where was that magical tipping point between the first and last time? When everything before felt off and everything afterward felt standard? We're not quite sure, but if all it takes are a few visual reminders in order for you to push the boundaries with your own style, then we've got you covered.
The pre-fall collections had daring silhouettes, creative layering, and little tweaks on beloved go-tos that made us rethink our old favorites. These 35 fashion opportunities might be all the push you need, so click through for the style tips and ideas that will help you be at the front of this year's trends.

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