Sorry, Haters: Birkenstocks Are The Best-Selling Shoe Of Summer

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.
Doubters and haters to the left — the ugly shoe is here to stay. The New York Times reports that the much-maligned Birkenstock has been a top-seller at NYC stores all summer long. Zara and Topshop have been doing a brisk business in 'Stock-esque slides (we're partial to the platform pairs, ourselves). Net-a-Porter is nearly sold out of the camo-print iteration shown here. And, NYT reports that Michael Kors featured "bejeweled Birk-a-likes" in his recent resort collection that he called “Norm-Kors” (cute).
Of course, this apex of the Birkenstock hype cycle is a long time coming. The fashion set's embrace of the Birkenstock began with the fur-lined faux-Birks Céline showed in late 2012. And, the cooler among us R29ers have been championing Birks since spring 2013 (so if you hate the trend, sorry, we're the messenger). Bandwagon fashion girls (cough, this writer included) picked up their Birks this spring, right around the time J.Crew started selling them (and claimed to be first on the trend). Meanwhile, you can't go to brunch in Soho without seeing at least 10 pairs of immaculate white Arizonas stride by on well-heeled ladies who, in another era, would have worn Manolos. It's a weird, new world now that we've all embraced the ugly.
If you still haven't got your pair, worry not — with this many units moving, you and your late-to-the-party Birks will still be in good company. And, if you're so advanced that you're already over 'em? Take a tip from Matt Hundley, Birkenstock’s public relations manager, and buy yourself the next big, clunky thing in footwear: the Boston clog. (New York Times)

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