Local Love Fest: Score Sick One-Of-A-Kind Wares At This Sale

You’ve just made a grand entrance at a friend’s soirée, when all of the sudden every girl's worst nightmare happens: The exact same top you have on is hanging (unattractively, we might add) on some other chick. Should you run? Should you hide? Should you rip the clothing off her back?
While we all have our fave spots to shop, our old haunts can sometimes be hazardous for this horrifying predicament. True, thrifting can steer this “Who wore it best?” ordeal away, but sometimes we just want a new, beautifully crafted article of clothing to call all our own (because, really, who likes sharing?). That’s where this rad new company comes in. Based on the Eastside, Populous helps support local artisans by offering the public amazing finds that you won’t see elsewhere.
Tomorrow, you can shop, snack, and mingle with uber-cool up-and-coming artists and you’ll find fresh gems for your closet from designers like 69, Shaina Mote, Osei Duro, and many others. If their sites are any prediction, you're totally going to like what you see! All of the merch in this renovated '30s electrical factory will be either handcrafted or produced locally, which means you’re getting cream-of-the-crop quality and being a virtuous consumer.
And, as if you need another reason to be there, homemade refreshments will be served by several of the designers straight from their own recipe books. So, leave behind that matching mishap and come meet and support some of the most innovative players in L.A. design.
When: Sunday, May 20, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Pieter Performance Space, 420 West Avenue 33, Unit 10 (near Artesian Street).
Photo: Via Shaina Mote

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