6 Plus-Size Instagrammers For Total Outfit Inspiration

People's attention spans seem to be growing smaller. We've gone from reading novella-length articles, to Internet Cliff's Notes summaries, to 140 character statements, to just glancing at the caption below an image. We've become info magpies, always on to the next shiny tidbit. (If you're just here for the pics, please go ahead and start clicking through.)
With shrinking spans comes the proliferation of Instagram accounts; you build your feed with little flashes of whatever holds your interest, from calming nature accounts to brands you buy, frequently passing over the captions without a second thought. But, we've got the cure for browse brain, thanks to our current favorite plus Instagram accounts. These babes bring the style and are totally worth double tapping.
Click through to see our picks, and, if you're looking for another clothes horse to add to your feed, follow me.

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