21 Women To Remind You That Every Body Is A Beach Body

Photo: Via @itsmekellieb.
No matter your size and shape, swimsuit season can be daunting. The idea of stripping down to underwear-level and exposing bits that may not have seen the sun since last summer can make even the most confident person break out in a cold sweat. But here’s the thing: Life is too short and precious to sit around fearing your figure or what others may think of it.

Sometimes, all we need need is a little bit of motivation to put ourselves out there, especially when swimsuits are involved. So we looked to some of our favorite plus-size bloggers for inspiration and to help prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that every body is a beach body. Click through to hear from 21 bathing babes, and tell us in the comments below how you’re going to take back the beach this summer.

It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.
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Aarti Olivia Dubey, @curvesbecomeher
"As a water baby, denying myself jaunts to the pool had me sad for a really long time. But, I worked past those fears over the last two years and regularly find myself shopping for pretty swimwear!"
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Photo: Via @itsmekellieb.
Kellie Brown, @itsmekellieb
"Travel is my passion, and being able to wear a swimsuit is almost always a prerequisite!"
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Photo: Via @gaelleprudencio.
Gaëlle Prudencio, @gaelleprudencio
"I had been avoiding wearing swimsuits for several years because I had experienced some fat-shaming at the beach when I was in my 20s. Thanks to social media and blogging, I have worked on my body image, gained confidence, and now not only wear swimsuits, but also bikinis. And, I can inspire women with low self-esteem to love themselves and enjoy summer like everyone else."
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Photo: Via @readytostare.
Alysse Dalessandro, @readytostare
"I remember thinking for a long time that I couldn't wear a bikini. Now, I never miss an opportunity to be at beach wearing a bikini and THRIVING!"
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Photo: Via @psitsfashion.
Liz Black, @psitsfashion
"I remember years where I loathed my fat body so much that I would roast in jeans and T-shirts on the beach next to my swimsuit-clad friends. Now, I feel beautiful in a bikini and would never allow my fears to compromise my comfort and style."
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Photo: Via @sabrinastyled.
Sabrina Servance, @sabrinastyled
"I used to go to the beach in giant T-shirts and long shorts. Now, I couldn't imagine wearing anything but bright colors and whatever else I decide to wear! I love trying on bathing suits now!"
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Photo: Via @fashionhayley.
Nicole Bette, @nicole_bette
"I wish that my 13-year-old self could have appreciated her hot bod like my 32-year-old self has learned to. Buying a swimsuit used to be my least favorite thing...now I look forward to it and usually end up with several for the season."
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Photo: Via @manfattan.
Beck Delude, @manfattan
"Because the most important part of wearing a swimsuit is having FUN in it!"
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Photo: Via @cheneselewis.
Chenese Lewis, @cheneselewis
"I'm a great swimmer and love being in the water. I would never let my size limit me from enjoying life and having fun. I feel beautiful and confident in my swimwear, and that's all that matters!"
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Photo: Via @barretoleyva.
Jennifer Barreto-Leyva, @barretoleyva
"Being plus-size and Latina is like a double stereotype I had to deal with. You can't be/feel awesome being fat over here, it’s pretty much something society can’t deal with, can’t understand... This photo was meant to be for Vogue and it was 'too much,' according the editor-in-chief. It never saw the light until I [shared] it on social media. Screw stereotypes. I am fat and amazing!"
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Photo: Via @naomi_g.
Naomi Griffiths, @naomi_g
"I used to be terrified of being noticed in swimwear. Now, instead of worrying if anyone is looking at me, I'm far too busy enjoying myself. Life is too short not to get out there and rock your beach body; every body is a beach body!"
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Photo: Via @felicityhaywardcurvemodel.
Felicity Hayward, @felicityhaywardcurvemodel
"I am a firm believer in #selflovebringsbeauty; 10 years ago, I wouldn't have been this comfortable jumping on inflatables or dancing around the pool in a hotel in a skimpy swimsuit, but I have learned confidence and happiness oozes sex appeal! Be yourself and be happy."
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Photo: Via @tweevalleyhigh.
Kristina Uriegas-Reyes, @tweevalleyhigh
"My fellow plus-size bloggers inspired me to go for my first bikini! I felt fabulous in high-waisted polka dots."
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Photo: Via @curvycdn.
Karen Ward, @curvycdn
"Yes, this is me (all 250 pounds-plus of me), wearing a candy-print bikini and looking fly AF. I wore this swimsuit to Essie Golden's 2015 Golden Confidence Pool Party, where there were SO MANY awesome babes who are also plus-size looking hot as hell in their bathing suits. It was an absolutely amazing experience and one I'll never forget. I never in my life thought I would be posting bikini pictures online, but now I do it happily, as I know seeing other confident women doing the same has helped me immensely with my own confidence."
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Photo: Via @shmanishmasia.
Anastasia Furrow, @shmanishmasia
"I'm so glad companies are finally providing more edgy and intricate designs for us plus babes. We all have different tastes and styles, so it's exciting to finally be given more options."
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Photo: Via @janiraplus.
Janira Hernandez, @janiraplus
"My body is not perfect; it's art, and art is never perfect. Its everlasting beauty shines through all the mistakes."
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Photo: Via @thickgrlscloset.
Shainna Tucker, @thickgrlscloset
"For me, I don't wear a bathing suit because I'm confident. I wear a bathing suit because I'm a girl that likes to look cute when getting in the water."
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Photo: Via @margieplus.
Margie Ashcroft, @margieplus
"I love rocking a two-piece swimsuit and mixing prints. There's something so freeing about being able to be plus-size and not feel restricted to wearing a one-piece. I love to show the skin I'm in and a two-piece helps me do just that."
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Photo: Via @nicolettemason.
Nicolette Mason, @nicolettemason
"Being in the water — whether at the beach or in the pool — is my happy place. I was a competitive swimmer and water polo player through high school, and while I definitely had hang-ups about being around people in a swimsuit with what I thought was a less-than-ideal body, I knew it was more important to enjoy and pursue my passions than it was to avoid swimming because I was self-conscious. Honestly, the biggest hurdle was finding CUTE swimwear options, but in the last few years the market has finally caught up, and now I have more hot swimsuits than I do days to go swimming!"
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Photo: Via @fashionhayley.
Hayley Hughes, @fashionhayley
"I have never let being fat get in the way of having fun, but I definitely used to cover up more. Now, I rock my bikini and feel fabulous like Beyoncé on holiday (especially in this photo)."
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Photo: Via @margotmeanie.
Margot Meanie, @margotmeanie
"A few years ago, I'd never imagine rocking a two-piece. Now, I'm looking at fun ways to keep it fun and fresh. I like the idea of a cap-sleeve crop top to protect my shoulders from the sun while I'm out floating on my strawberry doughnut. Wearing a swimsuit isn't a privilege that can be bestowed upon us once our bodies have reached a particular point in size; we get to wear them whenever the mood or moment strikes. And thanks to more and more brands opening up their size range, we have access to more styles that suit us. Never doubt your skills as a crafty bitch, because you can always DIY one yourself, like I have here. Make it work!"

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