What 6 Months In New York Will Do To You

We don't just appreciate an inspired ensemble. We want to know the whole making-of story behind it. But in Style Roots, we're going one better. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, this series will deep-dive into the real sartorial evolutions of seven city dwellers who all came from very different starts. Be it a streetwear OG or newbie vintage collector, we'll examine how past and present cultural, social, and career influences mold one's unique style persona.
Some prefer being a big fish in a smaller pond, but Makayla Wray had a different idea when she moved from her hometown of Pittsburgh to New York City. Not only did the change drop this fashion technical designer into one of the most aggressive ecosystems, but it also allowed her to embrace the full power of personal style in a place where individuality is as celebrated as it is diverse.
Though Wray is only at the beginning of this new life chapter — she moved to Brooklyn this past February to jump-start her career — her sleek-meets-streetwear aesthetic (a.k.a. Instagram gold) is one that's been a work in progress since high school. The only difference now: In her words, it's simpler, more carefully curated, and a far cry from those DIY outfits that melted in the sun. Read on to learn how this Steel City native transformed her look into a true representation of herself and her trend-setting role in the fashion industry.

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